Grace Kim Interview

Posted by on Jun 25, 2017
Grace Kim Interview

Grace Kim Interview – Live & Love Music
Grace discusses debut single ‘No One’, Liverpool festivals and moving to London…

Hi Grace! How did you first get into music?

My mum used to study piano at university. She is a great pianist and choral conductor. So my early days were very much influenced by her music. I started to play piano from very young age around 5 and it naturally led me to write songs afterwards.

You were born in South Korea. How does the music industry there differ to the UK?

It can be quite different. What’s the most different is that, in this country the process where a musician or a band climbs up to mainstream is quite straight forward I’d say. While in Korea it’s very rare to find an artist starting at local music scene and becoming a mainstream artist. The mainstream ones walk on a totally different road starting as a mainstream. So I guess there are quite a noticeable difference.

Tell us a little bit about your debut UK single ‘No One’.
It’s my first single and it was produced by Simen Juul, a Norwegian producer. It’s about the feeling of emptiness after breaking up with someone. It’s the time when the memories or the attachment with ex was too strong and its quite difficult to find another person to love right afterwards. The live version of this song is now quite different. It’s more jazzy with the current arrangement so it would be fun to see how it is when you catch the live gig!

You’re moving to London soon. How do you feel about that?
I am very excited to move. I have been preparing this for several months having gigs in London and Northwest both. I feel I am ready to move to London now and can’t wait to meet new people and new fans!

What type of gigs are your favourite to perform at?
I don’t particularly mind the venue I perform at. But I love it when the line up is with many great soul/R&B musicians. I get really excited.

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?
Personally I am very happy that I have performed at a few of the biggest music festivals in Liverpool while I’ve been here, such as Liverpool Soulfest, Threshold Festival and now Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF). Especially, I’ve been wanting to perform at LIMF so much; it does feel like a great achievement!

What process do you go through when writing a new song?
I normally make a note of my ideas for lyrics time to time. And when I do come in front of my piano, I get to work on the melodies. But sometimes it can be the opposite.

Who or what influences you?
I loved the way of storytelling that Kate Bush has in her lyrics. And I loved the sound of Anita Baker going between pop and jazz smoothly. That’s what I’m going for. Standing somewhere between Jazz and soul pop, while telling my inner stories.

What’s coming up next for you?
Some gigs are coming up and we’re coming back to the venues we loved playing at.
July 15, Formby Festival in Formby (Merseyside)
July 22, WSL Present: Tramlines Weekend 2017 in Sheffield
July 23, Liverpool International Music Festival in Liverpool
August 4, CIGM Wanton in Sheffield.

After the Wanton gig the band is having a little break during August and coming back in September with possibly a new release as well.

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