Mila Falls Interview

Posted by on Nov 6, 2016

Mila Falls Interview – Live & Love Music

Mila tells us more about her single “Guilty Pleasure”, its release party, and performing at Hard Rock Cafe…

Hi Mila! 2016 has been another busy year for you. What have you been up to?

Hey!! Yeah, I have been doing lots of live shows, writing sessions and most importantly getting ready to release my new single “Guilty Pleasure”.


What was the best thing about touring Ibiza?

I loved touring Ibiza in the summer. The island is so beautiful and the atmosphere is amazing. As I’ve released so many house records over the years it really is a place I feel connected to. This year we played my album in full. It was great to see people connect with the new songs.

You recently played at Hard Rock Cafe in London. How did that go?

Our show at The Hard Rock Cafe last month was great. We aired my new single for the first time. I even forgot some of the words because it was so new! Wooops! The Hard Rock London venue is great and it was so cool to be surrounded by the outfits and instruments of some of the world’s heavy weight musicians. My favourite items were Stevie Nick’s dress and Freddie Mercury’s jumpsuit. So awesome.

So, your new release “Guilty Pleasure” is coming out in November. Tell us a bit about that and the inspiration behind the song!

“Guilty Pleasure” is a Soul / RnB track that I wrote about really fancying someone. You know when you feel those butterflies in your stomach and truly feel alive. This is definitely a track I’m happy with.

I have written lots of songs over the years for TV, films and other artists, so sometimes you can get lost when it comes to finding your own sound. Right now, “Guilty Pleasure” is it.

Production wise, the producer Marius Ptas captured what I was after, hard sounding snares, 80s guitars, a slow tempo, so it really grooves and we recorded lots of backing vocals and harmony throughout the song to give it a dreamy feel.

The “Guilty Pleasure” house remix by S.Chu is banging too. That is definitely something I would rave to. You can listen to teasers of both versions on soundcloud now.

I cannot wait to shoot the music video next week to portray the visual element of the record as well. We are going for lots of colour, we will be working with a top European fashion designer and hopefully I will be driving a vintage 80s car. Fingers crossed!

“Guilty Pleasure” is available to stream on Spotify and to buy on iTunes now. The physical release, my music video and official remixes will drop on 25th November.

How would you describe your debut album “Remember Me”?

My album “Remember Me” is a blend of all my favourite genres. It takes you on a journey through house, funk, soul. Lyrically, I really put my heart on my sleeve when writing this record. It was the first time I had the courage to pen a song about losing my mum. For years it was far too traumatic and therefore I wouldn’t dare. It feels amazing to have finished a full album. I hope my mum is listening to it somewhere and is proud of me.

What are you listening to at the moment?

When driving around in my car I love listening to Miguel, Raleigh Ritchie, Brandy and I’ve recently discovered St Paul & The Broken Bones, WHAT A LIVE BAND! I love a lot of dance music and rock music too. People tell me that my music taste is slightly odd. I have a private playlist on Spotify that is for my ears only. Usual reaction to my playlist is “errrr what is this?!?”. It flips from UKG to Post-Hardcore to Hip Hop then to Techno! I don’t haven’t any boundaries when it comes to music genres. If I like it, it like it.

What’s coming up next for you?

I’m doing quite a few TV and radio interviews with live acoustic performances around the UK throughout November, which will be great fun.

At the moment we are getting ready for my next live show, which will be my “Guilty Pleasure” single release party. The show is on Friday, 25th of November at The George Tavern (373 Commercial Rd, London E1 0LA). I will be playing with my full live band and I’m really looking forward to this show as I even know the words to my own songs now. Haha. I AM READY!

Pre-sale tickets to be ordered via email with name and surname and amount of tickets to: (£9 pre-sale). Hope to see you there x

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