Alice Ella Interview

Posted by on Aug 1, 2017
Alice Ella Interview

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Alice Ella Interview – Live & Love Music

Alice discusses her single launch gig for ’24 Obsession’, blogging and her Channel 4 TV appearance…

Hi Alice. We’re loving your sound! How did you first get into music?

Aw thank you!! That makes me happpyyy!!! Well… I was brought up within a very musical family. My mum is an incredible Opera singer. She done all kinds of stuff like Sydney Opera House and sang solo at the Royal Albert Hall. My Dad is a piano tuner. He’s always telling me when I’m even the slightest bit out of tune! Grr!! My stepdad is a drummer and my brother is a stand up comedian. So performing is definitely in the blood!

When I was growing up, I always wanted to perform, but didn’t really know exactly in what way until a lot later on. My first passion as a little girl was ballet (sorry to be obvious). Then it was gymnastics, which I LOVED! I did lots of competitions and always got the silver medal! Always the bridesmaid eh! And then that moved onto dancing. I joined a performing arts school in my home town of Horsham. I went to classes every week and competitions every month 🙂 This was doing disco freestyle dancing, which was mental! The competitions were like those ones you see on the TV where the dancers are COVERED in glitter and gems and look ridiculous! But that was all part of it!

Then when I was 14, I became unwell and had to give up all the dancing etc. To cut a very long story short, when I was well enough, I would sing a song and really found it therapeutic! Then I wrote my first song called KOKO (Keep On Keeping On) which is what my mum would say to me when I was ready to give up!

From there it was just a case of as the years went by, and I became stronger, I sang a little more and more. Then I really knew that it was my passion!

Alice Ella

Wow, so quite a journey! You recently appeared on Channel 4’s First Dates. What was that like?

Haha! Yep!!! What was I thinking?! Well… it was actually really fun and I had a wicked time. The guy, Luke, who I was on a date with, was so fun and lovely. We are still friends now 🙂 On the day I was so freakin’ nervous!! I had a few vodkas – and I drink like twice a year (damn health issues), so it really hit me! Then once I got to the actual date I was ok, but still nervous and very giggly! It was so cringe watching it back too!! Not often do you get to watch how you act on a date!! Argh!!! And yes it was a real blind date! (Everyone asks me that!)

Tell us about your new single ’24 Obsession’.

So I wrote ’24’ when I first met a guy who then turned out to be my boyfriend of three years! Its just about that feeling when you can’t stop thinking about someone to the point where it drives you crazy!! It’s so weird because now that I am releasing it three years later, we have been going through a break up so the song has taken on a whole new meaning for me! With all the over-thinking and that feeling of being torn and obsessing over him in a completely different way!

How would you describe your sound?

Good question! But a hard one! I would describe it at dark synth pop? With a few jazzy chords thrown in? The bands and artists who inspire me most at the moment are Nao, London Grammar, Jack Garratt, Lianne La Havas… so maybe if you popped them all in a blender (gross).

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

To be honest, I think it would be what I am doing at the moment which is putting on the single launch gig for ’24 Obsession’. I am just coming out of a 2 year break (again due to health reasons) so this is a huge step for me. I am doing it all myself and have just found out that I’ve sold out the 200 capacity venue. For me, putting on an event like this by myself and having that kind of support is incredible. I can’t believe it and am so so happy! Now I’ve just gotta do the actual gig. AHHH!!

Good luck with the single launch! So what does music mean to you?

Music means everything. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, and I can assure you, that’s not easy! As I am doing this myself at the moment there is no one telling me what to do or to do anything. Everything I do is because of my passion. I couldn’t live without it. When I feel really freakin’ bad, I listen to my favourite album and then it all doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore! There is no other feeling like songwriting in the world. I love it.

Asides from music, what’s important to you?

Family, friends, my cat! (Not necessarily in that order 😉 ) FOOD!!! Man, I live to eat!!! Ummmmm, cats in general??? Love, affection, laughter? Lol I don’t know? I think that’s all the really important stuff!!

You’re a regular blogger as well – how do you feel social media and blogging can help artists move forward in their careers?

It’s so amazing to be doing music in a time when we have social media and a platform to promote ourselves on. Back in the day, it just wouldn’t be possible like this. It sucks a lot of the time because I feel like I ‘have’ to Instagram or whatever and I just can’t be bothered. I guess it all adds up and it gives people a peek into your life and music.

My blog is mainly about my health struggles. It is a really open and honest account of the ups and downs I am going through with it. It’s called ‘aliceellablog’ or ‘whothefuckisaliceella’. I’m not sure which one you type in!! I’ve been blogging every two weeks, but have just had a month off. OOOPS!!! I’m too stressed and busy with this single release. As soon as it’s done I’ll be posting again. Probably next Sunday. 🙂

I find it really therapeutic to write all my feelings, even though I don’t know who reads it. But I have had some lovely messages from other people going through similar things, and it makes it all worthwhile 🙂

Sum yourself up in 5 words.

Inappropriate, crazy, caring, needy, funny.

What’s coming up for you this year?

So after ’24 Obsession’, I am going to release another single. I am shooting the video for it at the end of August and it’s like… super mega exciting. I don’t wanna say too much just yet. Things always get cancelled in this industry, but fingers crossed! So yeah… release another few singles and just try and get heard really!

Thanks Alice! We look forward to hearing more from you.

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