Calum Foad Interview

Posted by on Feb 21, 2018
Calum Foad Interview

Calum Foad Interview – Live & Love Music

Calum Foad chats about school tours, upcoming singles and a brand new project…

Hi Calum. How did you first get into music?

Hey, thanks for taking the time to interview me! So I’ve always, always loved music… Some of my first memories involve singing songs from Les Mis into a plastic, purple microphone, aged 3. I then started playing piano aged 6 and guitar aged 9, but never consciously decided I wanted to pursue a career in music until I was 15/16!

You’ve been super busy this year performing at schools all over the country. Tell us a bit more about that!

Yeah, the last 9/10 months has been a bit mental… I’ve played something like 150 shows since I released my last single. The school touring has been an amazing amount of fun. I’ve met so many wonderfully supportive people doing it. Seriously, seriously long hours though, some days I’m getting up at 4am, driving for 2/3 hours, playing 4 x hour long shows, before driving 3 hours home again (then getting up the next morning to repeat!)!

Who or what inspires you?

From a musical perspective, I love a lot of 80s music and disco… And I’m also a HUGE Prince fan. I think the way he singlehandedly pushed so many boundaries will never be replicated – a true legend! But from an artist standpoint, it’s got to be Ed Sheeran. I saw that guy play to a room of less than 100 people, back in 2011/2012… I’ve since seen him play at 2 different stadiums and headline a festival. Insane work ethic!

Which have been your favourite gigs to play at?

The gigs where everyone’s on the same page. It doesn’t matter what the venue is, as long as everyone’s on the same level and just up for having a laugh. Sometimes the gigs that aren’t musically the best and are a little rough round the edges can be the most fun!

How would you describe your music?

Pure, unadulterated synth-pop.

Do you have any embarrassing or funny stories about gigging?

So the first festival I ever played (and arguably my biggest show to date), was Henley Festival. I forgot to take my set-list on stage, then got so nervous I walked off after 5 songs, as I’d forgotten what it was I was meant to be playing. I only played 16 minutes of my supposed 30 minute set. Tragic.

Asides from music, what do you enjoy doing?

I used to do a lot of weightlifting and was toying with studying to qualify as a personal trainer, at one stage. But music seems to take over most of my life these days, truth be told!

What’s on the cards for 2018?

2 singles as ‘Calum Foad’ and 2 singles as a new side project alias. Can’t wait!

Sounds exciting! We look forward to hearing your upcoming singles and new project!

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