Charlie Moss Interview

Posted by on Dec 18, 2017
Charlie Moss Interview

Charlie Moss Interview – Live & Love Music

Charlie discusses headlining at Komedia Brighton, his top 12 iTunes position and major tour supports…

Hi Charlie. Firstly, how did you get into music?

I’ve always grown up around music. Both my mum and dad always played music at home, in the car and wherever they could. My family are huge music fans, although not musicians, I am the first! At the age of 8 I asked for a guitar for my birthday and when I opened one I practised day after day. I watched bands on TV and started buying my own CDs and realised – “I want that to be me”. As I grew older I started drumming too, put my own band together and I got more and more into music, realising that I could take it as a serious career path before starting to write my own songs at 16 and picking up the piano as well. I soon went to BIMM and got into the Brighton pub circuit where I kickstarted my music journey so far.

Charlie Moss

You recently played a headline show at the legendary Komedia in Brighton with your band. How did that go?

I was over the moon at the support and feedback I received from this show. It was my debut headline show with a band and the turnout was phenomenal. We played an hour long set with all my originals and a few covers which went down really well. It was crazy hearing people singing back songs to me that I’d written and put so much work into. I think it’s gigs like this one that makes me want to push even harder and work towards more success.

Wow, that sounds awesome! So what is the local music scene like and how would you compare it to London?

I think I’m really lucky to live in Brighton as it’s so diverse when it comes to music. There are tons of amazing and quirky pubs that put on loads of different music nights and open mics, attended strongly by music students and music lovers alike. I always love playing shows in Brighton as they’re always really fun and the crowds are brilliant. In comparison to London, I’d maybe describe Brighton as a mini-London. I think it prepared me for bigger venues that I played in London such as Fiddlers Elbow, The Garage and Venue 229. London, I’d say, is one of the most important cities and bases for gigging and breaking into the wider music scene. There are famous venues on every corner and people from all walks of life who want to get into new music which is so important for upcoming / unsigned artists.

Who or what influences you?

I grew up listening to older music such as Van Morrison, Billy Joel and Jimi Hendrix. As I developed my own music taste, I really got into acoustic artists like James Morrison, James Bay, and most importantly, Ed Sheeran. I think it’s important to be different after Ed Sheeran’s success because every teenage boy wants to pick up a guitar and be like him. Who wouldn’t want to be? But I think it’s important to have your own style and sound. I think Ed Sheeran changed that for a lot of people. I go to as many gigs as I can and get influenced by so many different factors and artists, but I have to thank my parents for where my passion for music started.

Congratulations on becoming a Top 12 iTunes artist! Tell us a bit more about that.

Thank you! I started writing and recording my own stuff back in 2014 and began releasing it onto major music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google the following year. I got some great feedback from my first EP, some local radio play and a few doors opened which encouraged me to keep going and to develop my writing more. I then released my second EP – New Beginnings – followed by a headline EP Launch down in Brighton. Within 24 hours, it hit the top 12 in the global Singer / Songwriter charts which was mental. I really didn’t expect it to do that well and once again it got some radio play, interviews and even more doors opened into me getting my first support slots for major UK artists. It’s really important to me for people to get behind unsigned music as everyone has to start somewhere. I think artists need to be given more of a chance to be heard.

What was it like supporting Stereo Kicks and Bars And Melody?

It was absolutely crazy. They were definitely some of the best shows I’ve ever played. I’ve played with the Stereo Kicks boys separately on all their tours and they’re all really nice genuine lads. The shows were all really successful and got great turnout with even better feedback. It definitely helped me grow my confidence and branch out into a new fanbase. I supported Bars And Melody on their UK Tour in 2015 and it was unreal. I had never been so scared because I’d suddenly gone from playing pubs and clubs in Brighton to playing in front of 1000 screaming fans. I got so many gigs and festival bookings along with CD sales and online streams off the back of that and I can’t thank them enough for having me. Their fans are beyond crazy!

How would you describe your fans?

I couldn’t thank my fans enough for what they’ve done so far. People travel miles to see me play. They come to London, Brighton, Southampton and more just to see me which I can’t get my head around. It’s so important to have a good relationship with your fans and to interact with them too. I have people who’ve supported me from day one and always bought my new music, gig tickets and streamed my music online. Without those people I wouldn’t be where I am now, so I can’t thank them enough. They are the people who push me further towards achieving my goal.

Asides from music, what else do you enjoy doing?

I love being out and about and socialising with my family and friends. I love to explore new places and new things, to meet new people and to have a laugh. For anyone that knows me I’m sure they can tell you I spend 99% of my day laughing! If I’m not writing or playing music you’ll probably find me down the pub, whoops!

How will you spend your Christmas?

I’m spending my Christmas at home with my family and girlfriend. I’m not exactly taking a break from music but taking it easy over the last part of December before a manic new year ensues! I am a huge lover of Christmas and always have been. I think the 16 foot Santa outside my house may tell you that!

What’s coming up for you in 2018?

I’m planning loads of exciting things for 2018 at the moment. It’s looking busy, but worth it. My band and I are planning to head into the studio early next year to get some new material recorded, potentially a new EP or single, and my biggest headline show to date. I’ve already got a couple of festivals booked in – Icebreaker in Southampton, Lewes Live in East Sussex and Summer Sets in Somerset. I’m always working on new music and new gigs and trying to branch out to new fans. 2017 has been the best year for my music so far and I certainly hope to replicate that throughout 2018.

Thank you so much for interviewing me, I’ve really enjoyed it! I’ll attach some links below where people can find / stream my music.