Chris Haddon Interview

Posted by on Apr 28, 2017
Chris Haddon Interview

Chris Haddon Interview – Live & Love Music

Chris discusses his upcoming single ‘My Dear’, musical influences and touring with the stars…

Hi Chris, so how did you first get into music?
Growing up, my family listened to a lot of blues, rock, soul and funk. It wasn’t till I was older that my older brothers music started jumping out at me, hip hop, and jungle drum n bass. I used to pretend to MC in my room thinking that there was a massive crowd. I remember seeing Guns N Roses live on TV for some festival, and my stepdad played guitar as well, although I never heard him play. I played sports but it didn’t fulfil me enough. So I saved up for a guitar and started teaching myself at 14. I had a few lessons from a proper metal head; he had the biggest amp I’ve ever seen in his room. They were amazing lessons, learning Rage Against The Machine, Pantera and Metallica. Once I had a few chords under my belt, I started jamming with friends and joining bands; that just felt natural. I started writing my own material when I was 18.

You have experience as a session guitarist and toured alongside some big names such as Bruno Mars, Florence and the Machine, Seu George, Scissor Sisters, Paloma Faith, Paolo Nutini and more. What was that like?
I did my first session gig for a Cornish artist who was signed to Atlantic. The whole band was made up of session musicians. So it only felt right that once I had a taste of London and touring, that was my calling. I networked with the other guys, met more through auditions and more networking at gigs, open mic nights etc. Some gigs came out of drunken nights which is always handy… Yeah I look back sometimes and think, f**k that was amazing! I want that lifestyle back!

Obviously touring with high profile musicians around the world it is awesome, playing to 30,000 people in arenas, nice hotels, tour buses etc, but playing for other people can have its drawbacks. I found myself starting to distance myself from session work and wanting to play my own music instead.

How would you describe your sound?
This I am still trying to figure out. I tend to go with Rock & Soul, but the track you’ll hear is more Folk/Rock.

Who influences you?
Matt Corby, Periphery, Gary Clark Jr, Interpol, Slum Village, Method Man I could go on its probably best I don’t.

What’s been your biggest achievement in music so far?
I haven’t got it yet.

If you had to come up with a supergroup of musicians and singers, dead or alive, who would you put together?
Do I have a limit?! I guess it would have to be, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Rick James, John Bonham. Praise the dead.

You’re releasing a single later this year. Tell us a bit about that.
Im going to give out free copies of ‘My Dear’ to fans at shows, then later in the year put it out as either a single or I may put out a four track E.P. I’m undecided.

What else is coming up for you?
More shows, more writing, and of course work.

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