Dani Sylvia Interview

Posted by on Aug 16, 2017
Dani Sylvia Interview

Dani Sylvia Interview – Live & Love Music

Dani discusses her latest single ‘Perfect Generation’, winning Best Songwriter Award, and her plans for the future…

Hi Dani! You won Best Songwriter at Unsigned Music Awards. What was that like? And what’s your process when writing a new song?

It was incredible! I was so shocked. It was probably the best night of my life so far as I felt recognised for the first time for my work. I’m so grateful to The Unsigned Music Awards for their support. When writing a new song I start usually at about midnight and finish at 5am as I find this is the time I’m most productive. I write lyrics every day so that I have plenty of material to work with. I usually start with the chords (on my piano) and add the lyric storyline to that.

You have a new single out called ‘Perfection Generation’. Tell us a bit about that.

It’s a song about the negative impact of social media on our younger generation. I wrote it after feeling that I needed to portray the idea of a perfect life on my social media channels to make myself feel better and constantly comparing myself to everybody else on there. It’s a vicious cycle. It can be so detrimental to our mental health and well-being.

Which have been your favourite gigs to play at so far? Is there anywhere you would love to play next?

My favourite gig so far was my headline show at The Bedford last week! It was completely sold out and it was just SO much fun to share a preview of my album ‘Tall Tales’ with everyone for the first time. I also played my bass guitar for the first time at this show which was scary, but so exciting. I would love to play The Troubadour and Scala again as I loved playing that venue on a UK tour supporting ‘The Feeling’ last year.

Who or what inspires you?

People inspire me. And what they go through, and how they pick themselves up and get through things. My mum is a big inspiration to me and my best mate Alex. They are the most incredibly strong people I know and they inspire my song-writing quite a lot.

Whats been your biggest achievement so far?

I would say winning ‘Best Songwriter’ at The Unsigned Music Awards.

How did you first get into music?

I trained at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. A couple of years after that, I decided to do music full time. I had always thought it was impossible, but being around inspiring and hard-working people who I sang with at the time in a group called ‘Urban Voices Collective’ motivated me to give it a good go.

What do you enjoy asides from music?

I love Bikram Yoga! It settles me down after gigs and studio work.

Whats coming up next for you?

I am finishing the last track on my upcoming album ‘Tall Tales’ which will be released in February next year. I am planning to do a small UK tour as well as create some more music videos and gig as much as I can.

Thanks Dani. We look forward to hearing more from you!

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