Eve-Yasmine ‘Losing You’ Interview

Posted by on Oct 7, 2017
Eve-Yasmine ‘Losing You’ Interview

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Eve-Yasmine ‘Losing You’ Interview – Live & Love Music

Eve-Yasmine chats about her new song ‘Losing You’…

Hi Eve-Yasmine, we’re loving your new song Losing You. Tell us a bit about the meaning behind it.

Thank you! Losing You was written as a dedication to my Grandpa. He unfortunately suffered from Dementia. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone; it was really difficult to see a loved one go through so much pain and additionally feel so lost, scared and unsure. The song was inspired by this situation, when someone grows old and starts suffering from Dementia, and in this case losing their sight and sense of touch. Their health is deteriorating, yet despite everything, nothing can take away the love you share, your loyalty to sticking by this person and that’s what this song is about. Family love is so strong that even in these hard times I felt he could still feel that energy. Each time I went to visit my Grandpa I’d hope he would still recognise my voice and remember me. He did ’til the end.

I started writing the chorus in my bedroom November time in 2015 and showed my idea to music producer Sikeyo. We’d been planning to collaborate for some time and this felt like the right track to work on together. We went into his home studio in early 2016 and here is the result. It’s the most personal track I’ve ever put out and I’m proud to finally share it.

Will you be releasing a music video for it?
I’d love to make more music videos, step by step. I did a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of making the cover art for Losing You. I am full of ideas, but still grinding independently so the funds aren’t there, but what will be will be… I’m just going to keep on working hard, saving from freelance jobs, pushing and there’ll be more to come soon!

What else have you been up to recently?
This year I was part of a secret group project for more than 6 months, but eventually I wasn’t prepared to sign the contract and had to listen to my heart that being solo is all I want to do. I met some amazing people and definitely grew from the experience though, recently I’ve been having meetings with various industry people. We’ll see what happens next!

Which artists / songs are you listening to right now?
Wizkid and Tinie Tempah’s Mamacita. I heard it while I was in Barcelona. I know it came out last year, but it’s stuck in my head. I love that track. Stefflondon ft French Montana – Hurtin’, Dua Lipa – New Rules, J Balvin – Mi Gente, Camilla Cabello – Crying in The Club… I’m feelin’ a lot of music out there at the moment!

What’s coming up next for you?
Writing, writing, writing. That’s my focus right now, I have so much more I want to express and share whether it will be songs for myself or other artists. Any producers reading this looking to collaborate with singer/songwriters, hit me up!

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