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Posted by on Mar 9, 2017

Hockers Interview – Live & Love Music

Hockers discusses BBC radio air play, the Korean music industry and upcoming festival slots…

Hi Hockers! So how did you first get into music?
I always liked singing, but when I was 16 and in high school, my friends asked me to be a front man for their band and that was the beginning for me.

You’re originally from South Korea, what made you want to move to England? And how would you compare the two music industries?
I always admired the British music scene and particularly the devotion of the fans. And then I saw a film called ‘Once’ and I just thought ‘that’s where I need to be!’. As for the two industries, the Korean music scene is very manufactured, with an emphasis on singers and dancers. Moreover, being a musician is not even considered a profession, merely a hobby. When I moved to London, I was so surprised that I was able to actually be respected as a musician. Musicians are supported in more of a genuine way by their fans and within the music community, people help each other rather than compete.
How would you describe your sound?
I find it hard to describe my sound using one category as my style is quite eclectic, but if I had to sum it up it would be somewhere between mellow acoustic and soul.
What do you enjoy most about performing on stage?
I love the connection I am able to make with the audience. Sometimes when I make eye contact with someone, I can see that they have truly felt what I’m singing about. In that moment, I feel like I know them and they know me.
You’ve also received airplay on BBC radio, what was that like?
Since seeing a film called ‘That Thing You Do’, I always wanted to be on the radio and imagined that I would run across the city listening to it and when it really happened I really felt like I had achieved something (but I didn’t run across the city!).
Tell us a bit about your single ‘The Runner’.
This is an experimental single for me, I put a lot of effort into perfecting the sound. Unlike my previous releases, I tried to combine electro with acoustic and I think the end result is great! The song is about trying to escape your burdens and find freedom.
What’s coming up for you this year?
I have a few festivals coming up which was my main goal for this year and also I can’t reveal the details yet, but I have some other exciting opportunities in the pipeline!

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