My Forever – ‘Not Enough’ Interview

Posted by on Jun 19, 2017
My Forever – ‘Not Enough’ Interview

My Forever – ‘Not Enough’ Interview – Live & Love Music

Dave discusses the band’s latest single and video for ‘Not Enough’…

What is the video/song about?

Dave: We like to leave our song’s open to interpretation, so I won’t go too in depth with what it means to me, as I always love people to be able to relate it to their own situations in life, but lyrically it’s one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written. It’s a love story between two people who came together and had a special relationship which ended up breaking down years later due to reasons out of their control. Despite still being in love, they had to make the tough decision to walk away from each other. It’s about how hard that is, and how confusing that can be. You believe love is some unbreakable force, that can conquer all, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough to make it work.

For the video, we wanted to portray this vulnerable but beautiful love story, and though some may have been hoping for a happy ending, on this occasion it unfortunately doesn’t have one. We wanted to stay true to the real meaning of the song.

It’s a very different video for My Forever – why did you decide to shoot it in this way?

Dave: For this type of song we knew that it had to be captured in a different way to the last two singles. It’s an incredibly intimate and raw song, so the video had to be captured to give that sense of intimacy so that people really connect with the song further. The script was already written (the lyrics) and we wanted to stay true to those, so we just had to figure out a way to tie it all together into 4 minutes (in reality 2 minutes of story time on video), so that people still got a real sense of what the song means. James and I crafted some initial ideas down, but then the true vision came from our Director Leroy Kincaide. He really opened up our eyes to shooting this in a completely different way to what we had imagined, which ended up being better than we could have ever dreamed. He was such an inspirational person that made us feel we could achieve anything. We’re overjoyed with how the video turned out.

It’s a fan favourite – why do you think that is?

Dave: I just think the song itself is a very relatable song. Love is something that’s within every single one of us in some way, shape or form. We all go through relationships, falling in love, heartbreak. It’s part of life and I think #NotEnough and the whole entire meaning behind it, how sometimes love isn’t enough to conquer all, is something that’s very relatable and something that many people experience and can connect with. I also believe that the more honest you write, the better it connects with people. That’s why I always write from the heart and am completely honest. It’s the only way for me really. I know that means I’m baring my soul to the world, but if someone, somewhere relates to something I’m singing about, and connects with the messaging I’m delivering, if it helps them in some way, then that’s what makes all of this worthwhile. That alone is the reason I do this. I love connecting with people through my music. Music heals the soul. We’re all human and there’s certain things that we all experience – love and heartbreak being one of them.

How long did it take to shoot the video?

Dave: We shot the video over two and a half days. Hands down one of my favourite experiences of being in My Forever. It was a very special time shooting it.

What is your favourite part of the video?

Dave: Am I allowed to say all of it? It genuinely was the best experience creating this so it’s hard to choose just one part. If I had to, I’d say shooting the story was a very powerful experience. Jess Pritchard who starred alongside me, is just incredible at what she does. She has such passion and honesty in her performance and for what she does, and there really couldn’t have been anyone more perfect to tell the story of #NotEnough with.

Leroy is so good at directing, that he made us feel like we’d experienced an entire relationship from start to finish within 14 hours. So it was a very moving, powerful and at points, an emotional day. Not just for me and Jess, but for the entire crew too. It really connected very deep on an emotional level with all of us, just from filming the scenes. That’s a big thanks to Leroy for getting the best out of us, and for Jess for being so passionate about her performance. (Heck she even managed to make me look good! Haha!)

Where was it shot?

Dave: The entire video was shot in and around Leeds. The performance shots were shot in a large open space, owned by Eiger Studios in Leeds. Big thanks to them. The house scenes were shot at one of our good friends’ farmhouses – such a beautiful location and perfect for the vibe we were after. Big shout out and thanks to Sarah and Mike for that.

Was it an obvious choice for single?

Dave: Yes, we’d always wanted to release this as a single from the moment we released the #Clarity EP. It’s a very special song for us.

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