SWAY Interview

Posted by on Mar 26, 2018
SWAY Interview

SWAY Interview – Live & Love Music

The guys chat about the Brighton music scene and 2018 plans…

Hi guys, how did the band form and how did you come up with SWAY as a name?

It all started when we met in the University of Brighton’s Music Society. We found that all of us shared a similar love of writing music and performing live, so the next logical step was to make a band! The original idea for our band name was “Nut Milk”, but we then decided that SWAY was more catchy.

How would you describe your music?

We (by which we mean Alex) are strongly influenced by the likes of Oasis in our songwriting. We aim to create melodies that can reverberate around an audience’s head all day, while retaining the rock n’ roll aspect with our distorted guitars and drum grooves. Each one of us brings a new element to the mix, usually leading us to create something reminiscent of indie rock through a pop filter. We write upbeat, sad songs in a major key!

Which gigs are your favourite to play at?

The ones where people turn up.

What’s been your biggest music achievement so far?

It is undoubtedly the time when we accidentally swore three times while live on a London radio station.

How would you describe the Brighton music scene and how is it different to London?

Brighton is full of tight-knit student crowds who just love going to gigs and supporting the local music scene. Similarly to London, there are a plethora or independent artists performing every night at the pubs and bars in town. You can’t walk five feet without stumbling across an Open Mic Night!

If you had to come up with a supergroup made up of famous singers and musicians, dead or alive, who would you put together?

After a lot of discussion and debate, our supergroup would consist of: Flea, John Paul Jones, John Entwhistle, Geddy Lee… and all of The Vamps except for the bassist!

Who would you love to support on tour?

Supporting The Killers would be a blast. If not, it would have to be Toto.

What’s coming up for you this year?

2018 has been a crazy year so far and there’s much more to come. We’ll be playing the O2 Academy Islington on the 1st of June (contact our Facebook page for tickets), recording our studio album in the summer and also releasing our live EP in the very near future. Asides from all that, we simply can’t wait to continue playing live shows and writing music throughout the year!

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