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School Visits

With years of experience in booking music acts for various under 18 discos and school festivals across the UK, our School Visit service has now officially been launched. A selection of artists will embark on a tour of primary and secondary schools across the UK.  


A school tour music visit includes the following:

  • A live music performance by either 1 or 2 of our artists
  • PA system and Public Liability Insurance
  • DBS checks (if required)


  • A question and answer session, allowing the pupils to directly interact with the artist(s).
  • A talk delivering an important message to the pupils on topics such as careers, online safety, anti-bullying or anti-crime (depending on artist availability and timings).
  • A meet and greet at the end of the visit to allow the students to collect an autograph and take a photo with the artist, if your school permits. 

This visity normally lasts 1 hour, but we can tailor this to suit your specific timetable if required. 


If you have opted for a Q&A session, the artist(s) will perform at the start of the visit, followed by a question and answer session. We find this scheduling ideal, as the pupils are already captivated by the artist’s performance and can therefore fully engage in learning more about the current music industry.

Depending on the artists available for the date of your event, we can also deliver key message talks such as: 

  • Careers advice – covering topics such as the artist’s personal experiences with school/college/university, as well as their music career, tips for success within the industry, and encouraging confidence in talents and skills. 
  • Anti-bullying / Anti-racism – including personal experiences and advice on dealing with bullying, racism and peer pressure.
  • Online safety – covering topics such as cyber bullying, social networking and chat rooms. 
  • Anti-crime – including anti-drugs and anti-knife crime. This may include personal experiences and advice on dealing with specific situations.

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The artist(s) will often pick a topic that suits their own experiences and that they feel comfortable talking about, but we will do our best to include any of your suggestions where possible. We can send you a brief of the topics and points being covered, so you can approve these before the visit. 

Live & Love Music Founder, Danielle, says: “I’ve always loved music from a very young age, but when I was at school, I found music lessons outdated and boring. Kids these days need something current that they can relate to and be inspired by. That’s why teaching about the modern music industry is also important and we look forward to bringing this to schools across the country.”

Rajiv © Vybrant Images


Rates start from £180+ travel costs for a solo singer visit. Please contact us for an exact quote based on your requirements. 

The visit often works best when offered to whole year groups at one time (200-300 pupils), but smaller or larger sessions can be arranged if required. We take privacy very seriously and will not take or publish photos or videos of pupils and staff without prior written consent. 

To book an artist to perform at your school, please contact us for a quote or more information using our contact form, stating any suitable dates/times you have in mind. Please also advise whether your school has a sound system, CD playback facility and microphones on site, or if the artist(s) would need to provide their own, and whether you are opting for just a music performance or the additional services as well. 


If you have any other specific performance requests, such as for talent shows, summer fetes or prom nights, we welcome suggestions on how our artists can get involved in your events. 


"Working with the Live & Love Music 'family' is always an absolute privilege - consummate professionals, with a stable of amazingly talented artists, who mix so effortlessly with our pupils. The artist was a huge hit with our pupils - not only because of his outstanding performance, but also because of how well he related to our pupils and his down to earth, inclusive approach."
Tim Williams
Five Acre Wood School